That was one of those busy Sunny mid-July days transiting through London back in 2015 having only one day for everything essential to be seen and experienced.

Sounds like an impossible task to tick off your list, especially when you are tired, jet-lag and family of Four with two Teenagers at 40 degrees Celsius.

We literally had to gallop through London visiting all the historical places fast and hard like a crazy bunch!
Here we are at Victoria Memorial Monument right behind legendary Buckingham Palace which we couldn’t visit but only could sight from a distance walking around its gorgeous fence.

Then and there it felt like not a big deal not to be able to visit Buckingham Palace. Especially when we live in a world of full access to the media of any place you want to see pretty much, just by the click of your fingertips you can google anything you want.

The only thing is it is not quite the same to be there at present with all the six senses involved, particularly with your loved once around recording this very moment of the precious and unforgettable experience.
Oh well,C’est la Vie! Next time certainly we will swing by and make sure we have ticked the box “Buckingham Palace” √ Done!

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