The end of July 2015 throwback into the hottest day I could recall in my memory being travelling Italy. Perhaps it was a combination of temperature and intense schedule for the day, or maybe it was my own barometer of a lifetime experience telling me its data.
The Pantheon visit was my first eye-opening in Rome. It was literally 1,520 square meters of pure astonishment within timeless experience!
The beauty of it was just breathtaking to the point where one does not notice anything but the presents of history and oneself in its equation.
It was the momentum of deep meditation a complete withdrawal from the reality yet so real and so existent to the extend.
Every wall every column every statue and every painting made you look listen and feel with the sensation of being hypnotised.

It was so eccentric to find out that the Oculus which is beautifully sitting in the centre of the ceiling was the only light source of the dome. It was cleverly designed to play a particular purpose of the light moving towards different parts of the temple. The lighting trick would fall on a particular part of the temple each hour of the day was telling me a story of its certainty. If I could only stand there all day taking notes of where the light has pointed at what hour, I would probably be able to draw a full spectacle of the daily events that were taken at this place in ancient times.

If the camera could only capture the allure and memorisation to take away with you as a proof of foreseen it would have been it.
But no… only my brain could capture that experience to complete pettiness of the photographs taken.
Nor photos or videos could ever befall profundity of such an experience. No matter how many pictures you have seen in the books or movies with it unless you have sighted it for yourself, you have not seen it at all!
Little recital from the Descriptive Poems: III. Places
The Pantheon by Lord Byron (1788–1824) will round it up pretty well:

“SIMPLE, erect, severe, austere, sublime,—
Shrine of all saints and temple of all gods,
From Jove to Jesus,—spared and blest by time;
Looking tranquillity, while falls or nods
Arch, empire, each thing round thee, and man plods His way through thorns to ashes,—glorious dome!
Shalt thou not last? Time’s scythe and tyrants’ rods
Shiver upon thee,—sanctuary and home
Of art and piety,—Pantheon!—pride of Rome!”

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