Why should we make our bed every morning?

My mum always told me: “Your day starts in your bedroom”, which made me wonder why such things in life matter and how exactly they can start my day?
It May sound like banality for many hence why we will zoom into the fundamentals of it.
To start with, It may feel like a small achievement yet, making your bed sets the theme of success for the entire day!
You want to know the benefits and how it affects your life? Let’s look into it closely
  1.  It makes your bedroom look awesome immediately, makes you feel organized and thus lifts your mood!
  2. It becomes your first positive achievement for the day, the first task that you’ve completed. Thus it leads to feeling proud of yourself and encourages you to complete the next task successfully and more after that.
  3. It begins your day on the high that makes it go flawlessly in the right direction.
  4.  It leads to better productivity as your day get filled with accomplished tasks from the very beginning.  That alone gives you endorphins and dopamines to work harder and more efficient.  
  5. It jump-starts your decision making and gives you a sense of responsibility in taking charge of leading yourself and others.
  6. It drives you to better self-esteem and a greater sense of well-being. Thus reduces your stress levels and makes you feel accomplished, respected and happy.
  7. It gives you feelings of being relaxed, confident and competent while leads you to build resilience against difficulties and emotional encumbrances.  
To take away, If we practice this habit for 21 days, it will become our turn-key for a successful and thriving life. 
That will advance you to mastering “the power of a Habit” and lead you to a happier, more successful and prosperous life. 
After all, our minds designed to work as a success-oriented serve mechanism that only knows how to succeed. It will always make the best possible decision with the information in hand. We were born this way, thriving to succeed and win. All we have to do now is practice it so we could unlock the world of endless possibilities. 

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