Er Faciolaro is a little restaurant based in Rome Colonna just 2 minutes away from Pantheon. I have actually picked that place to stop for a quick lunch only because I was stunned by its striking front exterior with the Fresco sitting between the windows.

It was such a hot day that all I could think of is a salad and the coffee, and so it was beautiful “Insalata Caprese” and “Long black”! It was served almost instantly, don’t you just love how quickly they serve food in Italy? I still don’t know how they do it!

My Caprese salad was to die for, beautiful textures and fresh flavours of mozzarella and sun-loved ripen tomatoes harmonised with the sweetness of basil aged balsamic and pungency of extra virgin chilly infused olive oil – simply food of the Gods!

My brain was screaming from an abundance of flavours, leaving a score of an utter satisfaction of the experience. I literally felt how my neurons were firing, making electricity while charging my body with the energy to carry the day. That’s what I call Food for Fuel with an efficient exchange of nutrition for pure energy!

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