An Idea of writing a little poem for the hand-washing rushed into my head when the whole country was in the thick of the Corona Virus Dilemma. You know how our minds trying to recreate a perception filter of the problematic situation we are in into something creative and fun that help us to get through the difficult times. That’s actually our mind’s Genius that encourages us to see things in the light of solution rather than the light of problem dwelling, just like per “Half cup full” versus “half cup empty” theory. And Just like per a name of a song of Robert Parker “A Little Bit Of Something Is Better Than A Whole Lot Of Nothing” my “Hand-washing Ritual” was born.

Soap bar in your hands and water’s turned on
Rolling that bar until seeing it foam
Lather it fast forming a candy floss cloud
Saying your full name twice out loud
Rinse your hands well so they’re squeaky and clean
Paper towel dry them and your hands are pristine
Frequently practice hand wash ritual routine
Keeping at bay micro-bugs and covid-19

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