Rome is one of those magnificent places that have incredible energy about it, as soon as you put your feet down on its soil you have this charge this science of remarkable authenticity!

As soon as we arrived, we had the feeling of an old soul filling the space all over the place with the romance, beautiful places, delicious food, bubbly people and brim history.

We have stopped at the hotel Delle Nzioni located right in the heart of Rome, with only a few minutes walk to IΙ Tempio di Adriano, Trevi Fountain, Marcus Aurelius Column, Pantheon, Domus Aurea and many amazing restaurants and Gelato shops.

We did not eat Hotel food at all as there were so many lovely eating options available nearby, so we took our chances! Plus because the whole family is always on intermittent fasting which we break at about 1 to 2 pm, it was easy for us to keep our routines going as we mainly were focusing on eating out at dinner time.

We would exercise outside as a family first thing in the morning while we were in Rome, we would plan all our trips to the sights from 10 am to 4 pm to nail all the places we wanted to visit. We would feast for lunch on the sugar-free protein bar or small salad during our sightseeing we would equip with sugar-free electrolyte sachets to fuel our water drinking two or three bottles on the go. Mind you running around for five or six hours nonstop at 30-35 ºC was not easy, so electrolyte was saving our lives!

There wasn’t much of a view from our Hotel window to sight on but surely enough sighting for me, as I have an absolute fascination about Italian Balconies with setting around it hence why it is on this post, merely humble but very authentic.

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