Have two years gotten slotted in the paradigm of a new reality?
The year 2020 going 2021 have shown me that I need to rethink the strategy of day-to-day living, just in case we will ever have to face a pandemic again. Especially the part of how to manage the “Family-ship” without losing my mind while still trying to run the business in the circumstances of a country’s chaos going through reoccurring lockdowns?
I have found out pretty quickly that it is not easy for anyone to function at its potential while your surroundings are a group of people who are highly unmotivated when feeling lost in uncertainty.
All those lockdowns showed me that no matter how well we were organized, with everything in place: the food, the exercises, the activities, we still have struggled as a family.
It still seemed to be not enough to keep everyone happy and contained. One thing was clear; we were exposed to the unknown. We never were taught how to bear imprisonment when we didn’t do anything wrong. Sitting away, locked up for weeks in fear and ambiguity.
I watched our two kids in their twenties not being able to socialize with their friends, hang around, work or study at the faculties. Everyone was losing sight of the normality! We couldn’t imagine how to go shopping without a massive queue or getting a takeaway for dinner or go out for a coffee or a restaurant or a birthday party. The reality shifted to something like wear the mask and wait for the news to tell you what to do next and when it is going to end. It’s is hurting even to think that some lost their loved ones and could not say goodbye. Some lost their businesses, jobs, houses, new beginnings and planed adventures. Some had to cancel weddings, family gatherings. Meanwhile, some in some countries had to simply survive, with no ability to go to the hospitals and struggled at home trying to make it with no medicine or any professional help.
What we’ve gone through, and some still in the thick of it, is a lot. It is terrifying, emotionally draining and yet so unfair. We were forced to cop through it with no hopes given, constantly guessing what’s tomorrow going to be like. We learned that there are no guarantees in anything, knowing that natural disaster could have Covid’s teeth destroying the lives of many. We have accidentally acquired that virtual reality is not that pretty after all. It makes my hair stand, thinking that my mom had to just lay in her house for four weeks going through all the corona symptoms with no ability to check what it was or to have any help given to her as the country she was in had nothing to give and people were dying like some insects. But she made it through, fortunately, then ordered an antibodies test, which has confirmed that she’d had a fully blown Covid.
Keeping that in mind, I can only imagine how many stories untold out there. How many out there have had to go and still try to get through health and life challenges? We only can guess!
All I can hope for is that pandemic will end soon, to let us be free again, unfettered to travel to live our lives to do what we born to do!
After all, I indeed updated my dream list! Dear universe, I wish there will be no pandemic ever again, and I also wish never to hear a word lockdown in my life!

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