When you have a big family and you work a lot, the week seems to be so busy and challenging that to get through one, we need one of those pick me up moments!

We found for us Wednesday night is one of those nights when we organize the Lasagna cooking event. It makes the week look more exciting, and things like cooking nice warm gathering meals are the key!

Not only it bring the whole family together for prepping the feast, but we also unintentionally reunite in joy, sharing laughs, tastes and conversations.

It makes the kitchen full of lovely interaction noisy and crowded, and the hectic action around the stove the smells of the food and giggles makes you feel like you are somewhere on holiday in Italy having the best time of your life!

It is almost somewhat therapeutical and a must-have during the week. To make you go harder to the end of the week and finish it on the high.

That’s how we came up with the name for our Lasagna: “Venitian Night” hence every time we have it, we get all together and have a fantastic night!

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